Why is it that you can’t get a vasectomy?

A recent article in The Guardian put the spotlight on the lack of access to vasectomies, which can be done with a machine in less than 30 minutes.As the article

What’s in your body at the moment?

We all know we’ve got a lot of muscles in our bodies, but what about those muscles?Are they making us more likely to get an ovarian cystic or are they

The New York Times

on facial hair removal: Is there a better option than forehead reduction?article By MICHAEL SORIANOThe New York Time on Monday published a lengthy article on forehead reduction, an effective and

A new type of surgery has the potential to treat heart problems

New York City has just begun a $1.9 billion push into the new market of plastic surgery. But the city is not alone in embracing this lucrative market. Many other U.S. cities

What does it mean to have tongue tie surgery?

Posted June 02, 2018 09:16:06 A tongue tie is one of the more common surgical procedures, especially in countries with more conservative dress codes.But it is something that can affect

Plastic surgery: How to go about the procedure

How do you get your child’s out of a kidney stone?If you have kids, the answer is, “Well, that’s not a problem.” It’s not surprising, really, that this would be one

A woman with no family, no medical history has been given the rare condition called bariatric transplant

A woman in Australia has been diagnosed with a rare condition known as bariatric surgical resection, and has been told she may need a heart transplant.The woman, who has not

Which of the three tube-ties used in the surgery can be tied off?

A tube-tie is used to secure a surgical procedure, so the end of it can’t be dislodged during the procedure.It’s used to tie off a procedure, and is usually attached

How to tell if you have hemorrhoids and what to do

If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, there’s a better chance of survival if you get an open-heart surgery instead of an abdominal surgery, according to a study published Thursday.Hospitals often operate

Tommy John surgery could be completed in two weeks

Tommy John surgery, a controversial procedure which involves removing part of a person’s colon, is being performed in the US for the first time.Tommy John Surgery is a surgery that

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