How to get brain tumor surgery cheaper with online financing

July 6, 2021 0 Comments

The Affordable Care Act allows insurers to offer discounts on brain surgery procedures and other procedures through a government website.

Now, for the first time, patients and their insurance companies can buy insurance on a private website and get a discount if they pay more than what they would pay in a traditional health insurance plan.

The website, called, will let people with pre-existing conditions, like dementia or cancer, get cheap surgeries.

The program was designed to expand access to health care for the poor and people with disabilities.

The Obama administration says the website can save lives.

The website will help patients pay for the cost of the procedure without relying on expensive insurance policies, said the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest.

If patients want to avoid getting their health insurance plans canceled, the government will cover the full cost of those plans through the discount, Earnest said.

More:Obamacare subsidies could help with brain surgery costs, health care experts sayA key point to remember, though, is that insurance companies will not cover all costs of the surgery.

So it’s up to patients to figure out how much they will need to pay, and they can choose from a variety of plans, including Medicare-like plans, the Affordable Care Board said.

The White House is urging patients to choose between the two, because insurers will pay only part of the total cost.

Obamacare also lets insurers offer discounts to people with preexisting conditions, which include those with brain tumors or diabetes.

That means those who don’t have the financial resources to pay out-of-pocket for a surgery but want to get cheaper insurance on the private website, like the Affordable Medicare plan, will be able to pay more on their own.

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