How to pay for your plastic surgery

July 7, 2021 0 Comments

The average plastic surgeon spends about $150,000 on cosmetic procedures every year, according to a new report.

The cost of the surgeries ranges from $100,000 to $200,000.

Read more The costs of the cosmetic surgeries vary depending on where you are in Australia.

If you are living in Sydney, Sydney Plastic Surgery is a leading cosmetic surgery provider, with an average annual cost of about $100K.

But if you are from Tasmania, Western Australia’s third largest state, and are a patient of Melbourne Plastic Surgery, it will cost you between $180K and $300K, according a report from Melbourne Plastic Surgeons Association.

That’s a hefty price tag, but a lot of surgeons are willing to do it for free.

Dr John Coughlan, the executive director of Melbourne Surgery Association, said the prices were fair and reasonable.

“They’re not going to be charging you $100k and you’re not paying $300k for it.

They’re not charging for the procedures, they’re just charging for some of the facilities to have access to the facilities and the equipment,” Dr Coughlon said.”

And we do subsidise it.

They’re charging us a little bit more than they are going to charge a doctor who is just doing surgery.”

In terms of cosmetic surgery, Dr Couglan said the major problem was cosmetic scarring.

“A lot of the plastic surgeons, especially in the West Coast area, have plastic scars on their body and it can be quite significant.”

It can take a couple of years to really get rid of the scarring,” he said.

Dr Coughlin said the scars are permanent and he was not seeing them anymore.

It’s not a permanent problem, but you’re certainly not seeing it anymore, he said, and the surgery would be a lot more expensive if it was.

Dr Andrew Gourley, president of Melbourne Cosmetic Surgery Association said surgeons in the region were well aware of the issue.

He said if you had a severe scar, it was very likely to be permanent.

The surgeons also had to consider what sort of surgeries they would be able to perform, because some surgeons might have to put a plastic prosthesis on your face to do the surgery.

However, he admitted that cosmetic scar treatment was expensive, and would be expensive to cover if you were to undergo surgery to remove a permanent facial scar.”

You can’t have cosmetic surgery without plastic surgery and I think the surgeon is aware of that,” Dr Gourray said.

However, he admitted that cosmetic scar treatment was expensive, and would be expensive to cover if you were to undergo surgery to remove a permanent facial scar.

Dr Gory said that if cosmetic scar removal was part of your overall surgery plan, then it was worth considering, but it was more expensive than other procedures.

For those who had surgery to reduce their facial scars, Dr Gory advised avoiding surgery altogether.

You can try to find cosmetic scar reduction products, but they may be more expensive, he advised.

In a recent survey of 1,000 Australians, cosmetic surgery was the number one reason people chose to have cosmetic surgeries, with nearly two thirds of respondents saying they wanted to lose the scar.

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