‘I just wish it wasn’t me’: Woman who had hernia operation at age 15 describes her recovery

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

When I was 15 I had an operation that involved removing part of my brain from my abdomen and put it in a blender to help me sleep.

I have since had surgery on my other abdomen and am back to normal at the age of 20.

But I still have a lot of soreness and pain and I am not getting the same sleep I used to.

So what has happened?

What has changed for me?

I don’t have any memory of the procedure and it didn’t help that I was so young.

I still feel it when I lie down or when I take a deep breath.

I am aware of feeling tired and tired, and the fact that I have a large swelling on my brain.

I also have trouble thinking clearly.

My memory is spotty and I have difficulty remembering things that I’ve learned or even things I’ve been told.

But it is still the same.

I can’t really get into a deep discussion with someone who isn’t awake and I don, either.

Sometimes I can feel it in my body and sometimes I can not.

The biggest thing I wish was different was that I had the surgery at home.

That way I wouldn’t have to worry about how it would affect me if I got home from work or school and I didn’t have the surgery.

The surgery didn’t work out for me and I ended up losing my memory.

There are other things that could have been better for me.

I remember feeling dizzy and losing consciousness when I woke up in the morning.

I had a hard time getting to sleep because my body was in such pain and tired.

There was no support in school and other adults were taking advantage of my anxiety.

The doctors told me I needed to get surgery.

I got a plastic surgery and they told me to expect two to four months of recovery time.

I was told it would take at least three months for the recovery to start.

After a year, I had to get a hysterectomy and a CT scan.

I started getting regular physical exams and then, when I was 16, a MRI.

The scans and scans showed no signs of brain damage.

The doctor at my surgery said I would probably have a permanent brain damage, which was the case.

After two months I started to feel better and felt more comfortable with myself again.

My anxiety wasn’t that bad, but it was still there.

It was the first time I had ever had a serious brain injury.

After that I lost some weight and started feeling a bit more confident.

But there were still a few things I didn, and still have to work on.

I’m still not able to write, I’m not able, for example, to talk very well.

My family have been supportive, but they’re very supportive of the work that I am doing, and of my own recovery.

They’ve supported me so far and I’m grateful for their support.

They’re very grateful for me being able to work in my field and also my family.

I need to keep getting surgery done because I’m doing well, but the worst thing is the fact I’m too tired to work or go to school or play sports.

It’s really hard to get up in front of people and talk to them.

I think it’s just a matter of time before I get over it.

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