More than 50 surgeons, researchers on the brink of surgery for meniscous tear

July 1, 2021 0 Comments

A group of more than 50 medical researchers, including two Nobel laureates, is working on a new surgical procedure that could eliminate meniscosus tear, a serious injury suffered by a small percentage of people.

The procedure could have a huge impact on the treatment of meniscis, the largest single disorder affecting nearly 1.5 million Americans, and potentially prevent some of the most severe injuries.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the co-founders of the surgical team, said surgery could be performed on as many as 50 meniscuses a day, or about a quarter of all cases, within three years.

The surgery would likely involve two- to three-hour-long procedures, which could be done with a local anesthetic, and could cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, he said.

Dr, Stephen G. Olufemi, a professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of Minnesota, and the chief of the otology-neurosurgery department at the Cleveland Clinic, said the surgery is being studied because of the potential savings it could generate.

“I’m optimistic it will be a good treatment,” Oluffemi said.

Oluffemi said a small subset of patients have had meniscosa surgery in the past and they often suffer permanent damage to the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

The surgery is usually done by the doctor who first examines the patient.

Oli Scarcella, a clinical professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said most patients are successful with the surgery, which involves removing the tear, and usually the scar is removed within a few weeks of the procedure.

The most common side effects are pain and stiffness, he added.

Dr Andrew D. Hsu, an otolographer at the Harvard Medical School and a surgeon at Columbia University Hospital in New York, said he had seen many cases of meniscal tear, including those that were left untreated.

He said meniscosis, a condition caused by a tear in the lining of the sacrum, affects one in four to five million Americans.

It is caused by abnormal swelling in the menisca muscle that forms behind the ear.

The tear normally heals itself in a couple of months, but can remain in the ear for years.

The injury is usually treated surgically with surgery, or with a cataract or cataraptoroplasty, which is the removal of the tear and scar tissue from the ear, the surgeon said.

Most meniscoses are not painful, but scarring can be severe and can cause vision problems.

Hsi is an expert in the management of menisci, and he said there are about 400,000 meniscias in the United States, many of them in children.

Hsu said there is a strong possibility that the surgery could one day be able to save thousands of lives.

It could be a very significant breakthrough, Hsu said.

“This is an amazing technology and it has huge potential to save lives.”

The surgery could save a life, too.

A patient who was born without a normal brain stem, for example, could have had surgery to correct it.

Oli Scarci, a doctor who has worked in the field of otology-neuromuscular junction repair, said meniscosis could also be the cause of meningitis, a severe complication of the ear infection that can cause paralysis and loss of hearing.

The meniscoscope could also make an immediate difference to patients who have undergone surgeries to remove the tear or the scar tissue.

For instance, a person who has undergone surgery for a brain tumor could have surgery to remove a meniscal tear and replace it with a meniscalocutaneous tear, which replaces the scar and tears.

Scarcello said surgeons have not yet done this type of surgery on a human, but could someday.

Scarcello and his colleagues were one of many teams that recently won a prestigious award from the National Institutes of Health for the work they have done.

The $2.2 million award will be given to the next group of researchers to be part of the team that developed the technology.

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