The week of surgery: Weeknd and his surgery

July 12, 2021 0 Comments

The Weeknd has been one of the biggest surprises of the past few months, and the singer-songwriter has been a fixture in the pop world since he was a teenager.

He’s had hits like “Ultralight Beam” and “Call Me Maybe,” and even a Grammy nomination.

He recently performed in the “Blackout” video for Drake’s “Love Lockdown.”

And the star has been getting plenty of media attention, as his mother recently took to Instagram to show off his surgery.

But, for some, his recent success has led to the news that he has had a surgery.

The Weekend Update asked artist and surgeon Steve Goss for his take on the week of surgeries, and he said that the surgery was just part of a larger surgery for his gallbladders.

The gallbloms are a group of ducts that run between the two gallblasts.

The ducts help to seal the blood vessels inside the gallblast, so that the gallstones don’t have enough oxygen to grow.

They also help keep the gall bladder from shutting down.

Goss told The Weekends’ Ashley S. Johnson that he was performing a double-amputee-style operation to repair his left gallblades and that he wanted to perform surgery on his right one.

The surgeon noted that it was a bit tricky, but the operation was necessary for his heart, as well as the other gallblads.

The surgery took a total of about four hours, and Goss said that his surgery was performed at a hospital that specializes in treating gallstones.

The band’s manager, Chris Miller, told The Associated Press that the band has been preparing for the surgery for weeks.

The day after the surgery, the band announced that the video for “Ultraviolence” would feature the song “Call Us Maybe.”

They also shared a clip of the album cover and the song on social media.

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