Tongue tie and surgery is the next step for Australian athletes

July 25, 2021 0 Comments

The Australian Olympic team have announced that the Australian team will be undergoing an operation to remove the tissue from the middle of their right index finger.

The operation will involve removing the bone spur in order to repair the ligament in the finger.

“The ligament is still a work in progress and there’s still work to do,” the team announced in a statement.

“A ligament repair is a major surgical procedure and we’re confident the team will complete this operation in the coming weeks.”

It is not clear how long the surgery will take, but it is believed the surgery could take between three to six months.

The Australian team had not previously announced any plans to undergo an operation.

A source told the ABC that the team’s surgeons had performed a similar operation to the one performed on Olympic gold medallist James Naismith in 1968, and that the surgery was a success.

The procedure could be the next milestone for Australian sports and the team has been a long-term supporter of the Australian Paralympic team, which was founded in Australia.

The announcement came just hours after the Australian women’s rugby team was accused of racism following comments made by the team manager about Australian Indigenous athletes.

“We have a history of racism here in Australia and we’ve had it with other sports,” the Sydney Roosters chief executive, Chris Jackson, said.

“But we’ve got to work with it and we have to recognise that we have a lot of good athletes and a lot who are really passionate about the game, so I think it’s good to be able to look back and recognise that that’s just not a part of our history and we are going to work through it.”

The Sydney Rooster chief executive said he was “disappointed” by the comments.

The Sydney RSL team is expected to return to the field on Friday in the opening match of the NRL season.

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