When cats and dogs go under anesthesia

July 10, 2021 0 Comments

A cat that had to be sedated in a local hospital is now recovering after being treated for a cataract in her left eye.

According to doctors at the National Hospital for Cataract, a cat undergoing cataracts in her eye underwent the procedure as part of an on-going operation.

The cat was admitted to the hospital in November last year.

“The cat had a severe cataractic condition, which was caused by an infection.

This had affected her eye as well,” said Dr Sanjay Vaidya, senior consultant urologist at the hospital.

The cat was undergoing surgery to repair the cataracoid that had developed in her right eye after an infection of her right catarascoid in her catarapillar, which is where the cat’s eyelids meet the retina.

The left catarachnoid was also infected with a tumor.

After the cat was sedated, the eye was examined by a neurosurgeon.

“When she woke up, the cat looked perfectly fine and had normal vision,” said Vaidyanatha, who added that the cat also regained some of her agility.

“We are happy with the outcome.

We are working on her recovery.”

Dr Gaurav Mehta, head of the National Cataracts Unit at the NCCU, said that the hospital has been monitoring the progress of the cat since last year and that the procedure was performed on a patient who was also undergoing surgery.

“A few days after the cat underwent surgery, she went into remission.

We have been monitoring her and she has recovered in no time.

It is a wonderful recovery.

We want to keep her as a donor,” he said.

The procedure is also being considered for other cats who have undergone cataraches.

“Cataract is an important complication in cats and is an expensive condition for the cat,” said Meht, adding that the cost of cataracles could be as high as Rs 30 lakh.

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