How to fix double chin: Surgeons perform double chin surgeries

Two doctors have completed double chin operations in China to correct double chin issues in young patients. 

The procedure, carried out by Chinese specialists at the Wuhan Hospital in the northeastern city of Wuhu, is one of several double chin procedures performed to treat patients who have had problems with the double chin. 

Wuhan is one part of China’s most advanced medical center and is home to some of the countrys most advanced surgical facilities. 

Chinese experts performed the double-chin surgery at Wuhang Hospital in Wuhuan, the capital of Yunnan province, on Sunday, a hospital official told Reuters news agency. 

“The double chin is a major problem in young people, especially in rural areas,” said Zhang Qiong, the head of the hospital’s double-cheek surgery department, according to a report on China’s official Xinhua news agency (AAP).

“The condition of the double chins can affect the patient’s ability to speak and understand speech, as well as affect their mental stability.” 

Wang Zheng, a physician in the medical school of the Chinese Academy of Medicine, told the Xinhua report that the double Chin procedure has improved the appearance of the patients’ double chin and that the results were good. 

It was unclear how the surgery was carried out, but Wang said it was “easy and straightforward” and “comparable to other double chin patients”. 

China’s top surgery experts have been trying to tackle double chin problems in China, including in recent years. 

A 2016 study in the journal Cochrane’s medical journal found that triple chin surgery for children was associated with a 10 percent higher risk of developing depression. 

In 2016, a separate Cochrane review published in the Journal of Medical Ethics found that double chin transplants could lead to double the risk of depression and suicidal ideation in children. 

However, doctors say that double chin transplants are not yet used in a widespread way in China. 

China, where double chin disorders have been seen in children up to 40 years old, is currently in the process of tightening up the country’s health system, as it tries to combat the growing number of children who have double chin  issues. 

There are currently more than 8,000 double chin cases reported in China according to Xinhua, with around a quarter of them reported in rural communities. 

Doctors have said that double-chin surgery should be done only after parents and siblings agree. 

Last year, a group of surgeons in China in partnership with Wuhum University of Medicine and the China Institutes of Microbiology and Immunology (CIMIM) in Wuhwan, Yunnan, performed double-chip surgery on a group patient who had had double chin since he was six. 

They said the procedure had reduced the swelling of the affected region and increased the patients’ ability to walk again. 

On Sunday, the hospital announced the completion of the operation.

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