Madonna’s ‘Tongue Tie Surgery’ Gets the Treatment it Needed: A Guide to the Surgeon

August 4, 2021 0 Comments

With Madonna’s plastic surgery surgery to her left tongue, her face and her jaw, she’s seen the world.

So how did she go from being a young girl with a penchant for glitter to a celebrity who is also a plastic surgeon? 

A plastic surgeon and celebrity’s life Madonna, who had braces removed after her jawbone was damaged in a car accident, said her face has always been a big deal.

“I was really young, so my jaw was always my big issue,” she said.

“I was always going to have to do this, but it’s something I just kind of did and I was always very proud of it.”

Madonna has undergone six plastic surgeries and she says it was a struggle to get surgery done in the States.

The last one she underwent was in 2008, and then a month later she had a procedure on her tongue.

She said she was told she was going to be on crutches.

“The first thing I thought of was, ‘Oh, that’s a little ridiculous,'” Madonna said.

She said she had been working on her jaw and that the operation was to fix it.

Madonna had surgery to remove the teeth from her tongue in December 2008.

She went to a plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills, California, to have her teeth fixed, and when she arrived, she saw a lot of teeth, so she had to get teeth pulled out of her mouth.

“It was an extremely painful process, and I had to stay with the dentist for about three months because I couldn’t breathe, so they had to make sure I couldn, you know, breathe normally,” Madonna said in the interview.

“They also had to take out the cartilage in my neck that was protecting the teeth.

So it was an incredibly traumatic surgery, but I’m happy with the outcome.”

The following year, Madonna underwent another plastic surgery procedure on the jaw, which she said was to replace her jaw bone.

She didn’t want to go through that again.

Madonna also had a tongue tie surgery in March 2012.

“And I had surgery in October, too,” she explained.

“And I’m very proud to say that I have the biggest smile ever, I have a very beautiful smile,” she added.

In February, she had another tongue tie, this time on her chin, and she had surgery on her lips to add the lips to her mouth, which is the most complicated procedure in her career. 

“I think that I had the biggest mouthpiece ever in my career, so I had it put on a few times,” she revealed.

“Because my mouth is really small, I needed to get all the gum in, and there’s so much gum on the lips, so it’s really hard for me to chew the gum.”

I did have a lot more surgery done on my lips than I had on my jaw, and that’s because of the surgery,” she continued.

She also had liposuction, a procedure that involves removing the fat from the inside of the lip, and this was done to help her have fuller lips.

I’ve always wanted to have lips that are fuller, Madonna said of her lips.

She also underwent plastic surgery in April of 2014, but the surgery wasn’t quite as good.”

But I’ve always had lips that were fuller than the rest of my face, and they’re always fuller than my chin,” she recalled.”

When I had this surgery, I had one cheek full, but because of how I’m so thin, the lips didn’t feel as full.

I still have them, but they’re not as full as they used to be.

“So that’s what made me really proud of that surgery, is that it was so good, and it was the most dramatic lip I’ve had, because the lips were so tight.

And the operation is such a big, big surgery.”

In March 2015, Madonna had another liposotomy surgery on the chin.

“When I got it, I was so happy, because it’s such a beautiful chin, so much fuller than I used to have,” she shared.

“It was really, really difficult, but you know it’s good,” she concluded.

Madame is not alone in having plastic surgery.

Many celebrities have had plastic surgery, and some of them are even celebrities themselves.

Madonna was not the only one who had a major plastic surgery operation, and the majority of those surgeries were done to add teeth, but Madonna has always had braces and has a long history of surgeries.

Madonna had braces for her left eye, left cheek, jaw, lip, cheek, nose, nose blepharitis, nose cancer, left jawbone, left palate, and her left cheek. 

She also underwent a procedure in December 2015 on her left jaw to remove a

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