Surgeons treat woman with aneuries in spain

An Argentinean woman who had surgery to remove her brain aneuploidy has revealed she has undergone a new operation to replace her brain with an implant. 

La Línea, from Argentina’s Barranquilla province, was in the early stages of a second operation to repair her left ankle.

She had undergone the first operation in June 2016, when she underwent a procedure called ‘aneurysmal retrograde implantation’ in order to repair the damage she suffered during a road accident.

“The new procedure is different because it’s using an implantation technique and not surgery. 

The implant is implanted in her left leg and a portion of her brain is replaced with a piece of tissue from her right leg.”

I am a bit emotional because the procedure has changed so much,” she said.”

It is a major step in my life and I am excited to get it done.

“In October 2017, she was discharged from hospital after surgeons removed part of the brain.”

She is now able to walk and eat and even work again,” Ms La Líneas said.

The new operation is expected to take place next year.”

This is a big step for the surgery community, because it is a new type of surgery and it can potentially save a lot of lives,” she added.

The procedure is not new to Argentina, but is relatively new in other countries.

In 2017, the International Federation of Anesthesiologists voted to require implant surgery in the United States, Canada, and Australia, after a woman was born with brain anneoplasm in Peru.

The move came after the death of another woman, Anissa Paez, who had undergone surgery to correct the problem.

Ms Paez died in March 2019, but her case led to an international debate on whether it was medically necessary to implant the brain tissue in someone with a neurological disorder.

Ms La Lineas said the surgery had saved her life.”

A lot of my family and friends were very supportive,” she told

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