‘A big difference’ between Trump and Clinton: Here’s what the two presidents have in common

Hillary Clinton has made an early push to expand access to health care in her campaign.

President Donald Trump has not.

Here are some things we know about them.

(Alice Li/The Washington Post) The president has a history of prioritizing access to affordable health care, especially for the most vulnerable and the sick.

But he’s not done yet.

Trump’s health care proposals have been mixed at best, with many supporters saying they would provide more choices and protections for people with preexisting conditions and others claiming that they would make it easier to get insurance.

The Trump administration’s first official proposal, for example, would give insurers more flexibility to charge sick people more if they have preexistent conditions and would create a new federal insurance program for people who don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Trump has also made clear that he wants to expand Medicaid to more people, including those with preeXisting conditions.

On the campaign trail, Clinton has proposed creating a new health care program for those with pre-existing conditions.

It is unclear how the administration would do that.

Here’s how some other aspects of Trump’s plan compare to Clinton’s proposals: Health care.

The health care overhaul that Clinton introduced in January would cover nearly 11 million more people.

The administration has promised that more people will be covered by the program by 2022.

But that is only if all the Trump administration does is increase the number of people covered.

Some experts believe that will be difficult to achieve without massive cuts to Medicaid and Medicare and other programs that help low-income people pay for health care.

Trump proposes that states decide how they would distribute the money, a system that has not yet been worked out.

If the Trump plan is adopted, most states would pay for the program at a higher rate than the federal government.

But the federal share of the cost would be reduced to 20 percent from 45 percent.

This would leave states paying only about 10 percent of the costs.

And because Medicaid would cover a larger share of enrollees, states would be able to make savings on out-of-pocket costs.

Health insurance premiums.

Under the Trump proposal, people buying health insurance would be charged higher premiums than those who buy individual policies.

The plan would also cap how much insurers can charge their customers.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated that about 14 million more Americans would lose coverage under the plan.

The federal government would be responsible for covering the difference.

The cost would come from premiums for people purchasing insurance through state and local governments.

This could mean that states would have to raise taxes to make up for lost revenue from premiums, which could cause the cost of coverage to rise.

The GOP-led Congress has passed legislation to allow states to impose a cap on premium increases and allow insurers to charge older and sicker people more.

The president’s proposal would allow states the flexibility to set up their own plans to meet their own needs.

And it would allow insurers the option of offering higher premiums to younger and healthier customers.

Trump also proposes allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines, which would be more likely to benefit people with prexisting health conditions.

In the House, the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee is expected to take up the issue this week.

In its first two months in office, Trump signed several executive orders aimed at reducing the number and severity of pre- and post-existing conditions, especially among people with certain illnesses.

He has proposed increasing the number, and the number for people diagnosed with cancer or other diseases, from 6 million to 8 million.

He is also proposing that the Department of Health and Human Services create a federal program that would help pay for those who cannot pay their bills or face high medical bills.

He also proposed that states set up high-risk pools that would provide access to high-quality, low-cost health insurance to people with a pre-exposure to a preexisitve condition.

But many of Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress’ proposals for reducing the cost and coverage of health care come with some caveats.

The most significant is the Trump-Ryan plan to create a public option to buy insurance through the ACA.

It would allow people to purchase private plans and cover less expensive costs.

The Republican-controlled House passed a similar plan in January, but it was blocked by Democrats.

The House’s proposal to create the public option also would not affect Medicaid, which is underfunded and understaffed.

Health care is a hot-button issue for both Trump and Democrats, and they have different visions for how to solve it.

Trump wants to cut Medicaid by $880 billion and impose a 30 percent cut on people with incomes over $250,000.

Democrats want to expand the program and allow people with higher incomes to buy private insurance through public exchanges.

But their proposals are highly controversial.

The American Medical Association says that allowing people with more than three pre-determined medical conditions to buy plans with private insurance is not likely to

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