Expert on implants: ‘If you can’t tell the difference between an implant and a facelift, it’s not a surgery’

A plastic surgeon has described the way the new implants are inserted as a ‘medical disaster’ that can’t be repaired.

Dr James McComb said the implants can only be removed by surgeons in specialist hospitals.

He said if there is a problem with the implant, the surgeon could not use a surgical tool.

“If there is any problem with a surgeon’s technique, the patient could not be brought back to the operating theatre,” he said.

He also said the ‘gag rule’ of not allowing patients to speak with their doctors about an implant could prevent doctors from treating a patient for a serious condition.

“In the UK we are a very open country, if you can show to the doctors that you have been given an implant, then you should be able to go into surgery,” he told BBC Radio Ulster.

The surgeon, who has been working at the Royal Belfast Hospital, said the surgery would have been a lot easier if the implants had been ‘safer’.

“It would have just been a matter of telling the surgeon the patient is in critical condition and they can’t do any more surgery on him.”

It’s not that he is not a very good surgeon.

I mean he is a very talented surgeon.

He is very highly trained and he has a very big reputation and he does this kind of surgery in a very small, intimate space and he can’t just use a small knife to remove it,” he added.

Mr McComb was speaking at the annual conference of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association (PRSA).

He said there was a ‘gagging order’ for patients who have surgery on the NHS.”

There is a gag order in place for those patients who are in hospital.

The surgeon can’t give any information to the patient that he doesn’t know about, the details of which he can then use against the patient,” he explained.”

So if the patient has surgery on a specialist NHS, the NHS is required to provide a list of procedures to the surgeon and there is also a gag rule in place in the hospital.

“This means that the patient can’t talk to the nurse and the doctor about their surgery, so the only thing they can talk about is the surgery itself and it is against the rules of the hospital.”

Dr McComb described the implants as “extremely difficult to remove” and said it would take years for the patient to recover from surgery.

“The implants are extremely difficult to use, and if you are an inexperienced surgeon it is very difficult to know how to do it,” the surgeon said.

“You will get a bad experience and you will need to go back to a specialist surgery, where you will have to be able and willing to use a tool that is not as sophisticated as a knife.”

The surgeon also criticised the use of implants as a way to avoid paying for procedures.

“These are implants that are not in the same category as a facelist and a cosmetic surgery, they are in the category of cosmetic surgery,” Dr McComb explained.

Dr McCombs surgery was funded by the Royal College of Surgeons, which provides medical advice on cosmetic surgery.

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