How to save your leg: Plastic surgery to help you heal

New Delhi: There are some serious leg lengthening surgeries that you can do if you want to have a more normal life.

But if you have endometriotic syndrome, a condition that affects one-fifth of women, your leg can be lengthened to help it heal.

If you have a scar, you can put a cast on your leg to keep it from growing back.

But the procedure requires surgery on the other side of the body.

Read moreHere are the top surgery procedures that you should try.1.

Leg lengthening and cast off surgery2.

Lengthening cast-off surgery3.

Leg stretching surgery4.

Leg reconstruction surgery5.

Leg strengthening surgery6.

Leg cast-offs surgery7.

Leg prosthesis surgery8.

Leg bone reconstruction surgery9.

Leg joint replacement surgery10.

Leg leg cast-ons surgery11.

Leg hip replacement surgery12.

Leg knee replacement surgery13.

Leg spine reconstruction surgery14.

Leg spinal fusion surgery15.

Leg femur reconstruction surgery16.

Leg triceps tendon reconstruction surgery17.

Leg hamstring tendon reconstruction18.

Leg calf reconstruction surgery19.

Leg adductor muscle replacement surgery20.

Leg quadriceps tendon replacement surgery21.

Leg gluteus maximus muscle replacement surgical procedure22.

Leg gastrocnemius tendon replacement surgical surgery23.

Leg scapula replacement surgery24.

Leg Achilles tendon replacement procedure25.

Leg ulnar collateral ligament repair procedure26.

Leg patella tendon replacement Surgery27.

Leg medial collateral ligaments repair surgery28.

Leg biceps tendon repair surgery29.

Leg lateral collateral ligams repair surgery30.

Leg hamstrings tendon repair Surgery31.

Leg lower back surgery32.

Leg tibialis anterior surgery33.

Leg posterior abdominal surgery34.

Leg rectus abdominus surgery35.

Leg pelvic floor surgery36.

Leg groin surgery37.

Leg cervical spine surgery38.

Leg breast reconstruction surgery39.

Leg pelvis surgery40.

Leg thigh surgery41.

Leg ankle surgery42.

Leg hand surgery43.

Leg foot surgery44.

Leg arm surgery45.

Leg chest surgery46.

Leg stomach surgery47.

Leg bladder surgery48.

Leg bowel operation49.

Leg lumbar puncture surgery50.

Leg thoracic outlet surgery51.

Leg rib surgery52.

Leg shoulder surgery53.

Leg arthroscopic surgery54.

Leg aortic dissection surgery55.

Leg cecum insertion surgery56.

Leg lung surgery57.

Leg liver surgery58.

Leg gallbladder surgery59.

Leg kidney surgery60.

Leg ovary surgery61.

Leg spleen surgery62.

Leg thyroid surgery63.

Leg adrenal gland surgery64.

Leg pancreas surgery65.

Leg ureter surgery66.

Leg urinary bladder surgery67.

Leg bowel surgery68.

Leg prostate surgery69.

Leg oesophagus surgery70.

Leg testicles surgery71.

Leg uterine surgery72.

Leg prolapse surgery73.

Leg uterus surgery74.

Leg peritoneal fluid aspiration surgery75.

Leg diaphragm surgery76.

Leg endometrial transplant surgery77.

Leg vagina surgery78.

Leg colon surgery79.

Leg ovarian surgery80.

Leg mammary gland surgery81.

Leg renal transplant surgery82.

Leg retraction surgery83.

Leg epididymis surgery84.

Leg nephrotic surgery85.

Leg thymus surgery86.

Leg catheter implantation87.

Leg surgical procedure88.

Leg heart transplant surgery89.

Leg lymphoma surgery90.

Leg eye surgery91.

Leg transplant procedure92.

Leg skin grafting93.

Leg surgery for knee osteoarthritis (KNO)94.

Leg liposuction surgery95.

Leg dental implantation96.

Leg nose surgery97.

Leg ear surgery98.

Leg upper limb surgery99.

Leg neck surgery100.

Leg head surgery101.

Leg face transplant surgery102.

Leg penis transplant surgery103.

Leg penile implantation104.

Leg appendix surgery105.

Leg abdominal surgery106.

Leg abdomen surgery107.

Leg hips surgery108.

Leg buttocks surgery109.

Leg buttock surgery110.

Leg feet surgery111.

Leg legs surgery112.

Leg torso surgery113.

Leg shoulders surgery114.

Leg ankles surgery115.

Leg wrists surgery116.

Leg thighs surgery117.

Leg back surgery118.

Leg joints surgery119.

Leg arms surgery120.

Leg breasts surgery121.

Leg pubic hair transplant surgery122.

Leg toes surgery123.

Leg hands surgery124.

Leg fingers surgery125.

Leg nipples surgery126.

Leg labiaplasty127.

Leg vulva surgery128.

Leg vaginoplasty129.

Leg clitoral orgasm surgery130.

Leg lips surgery131.

Leg nails surgery132.

Leg nail clipping surgery133.

Leg piercings surgery134.

Leg finger surgery135.

Leg eyelid surgery136.

Leg nipple implantation137.

Leg vaginal hair transplant procedure138

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