How ‘Surgery Center’ is transforming women’s healthcare in the US

NEW YORK — When Michelle Geddes, 27, decided to get a back surgery, she didn’t have any experience.

The first two surgeries she had all involved surgeries to get her back into shape, she said.

But Gedds was looking for something different.

She wanted to be able to do something different, something more in her life.

So Gedders’ family decided to use their medical expertise to design the most innovative eye surgery program in the world, which she hopes will make a difference in the lives of the thousands of people who have undergone this type of surgery.

This is a new type of medicine, and it’s not for everyone, said Dr. Joseph Geddens, co-founder of Surgeons Eye Center.

He’s also the chief medical officer of Surgeon Eye Center in San Francisco.

We want to change the way we look at this, because if we don’t change the image of what surgery is and what we’re supposed to do, we’ll just end up with people who think they can do anything,” Geddys said.

The idea behind Surgeons Eyecare is to change our culture, said Geddets brother, Michael Geddis.

He said he hopes the program can change the lives for millions of Americans who need surgery to improve their health.

In some ways, it’s about change for everybody, said Susanne Cogman, founder of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is sponsoring the Surgeons program.

But it also has a lot of impact on a lot more people, especially people who are people of color.”

It’s about changing how we view our society, and what happens to people,” Cogmans said.”

We’ve got to be ready for these people, for the people who need it.

“The Surgeons Program has been operating in San Antonio since 2000, with the goal of helping more people in need of eye surgery, the Geddies said.

The program is now part of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, where about 20 Surgeons staff are in charge of training more than 4,500 students annually.

The Geddises also operate a clinic that provides eye care and medical care in more than 200 communities in the San Antonio area.

The goal is to improve the lives and careers of people like Michelle Guddes.

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