New York surgeon charges $1.5M in medical malpractice lawsuit over ‘nasty’ operation

NEW YORK — A New York surgery center has been sued by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted and suffered emotional distress after she was allegedly forced to undergo surgery in a facility that is not accredited with the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Kylie Jenner, of New York City, is suing BBL, a cosmetic surgery and orthopedic surgery firm based in Beverly Hills, Calif., for medical malcompromise and other charges.

Jenner says she paid for her surgery at the facility that she said was accredited by the A.B.R.S., a division of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, when she went in March 2017 for a root canal.

Jentz, a former member of the AASP who now runs a surgical training center in New York, told The Associated Press he has been trying to get the ABS to review its standards since Jentz started complaining in February.JENTZ: We had been doing operations for years.

We have all the qualifications and we were certified.

And we went in, we had all the paperwork, and they just did a nose job and said, “That is not a good look,” and we weren’t given a chance to have a second opinion.

So we were basically given a second chance to get a second opinon.

And when they said that was a bad look, they did a second nose job.

That was not good.

And I think that is a sad way to treat somebody.

But I think it is a way to make people feel like there are standards and we have to meet them, even though that’s not true.

And that is the way it is in the ATS world.

They just don’t care about it.

They don’t want to do it.

If you do something that isn’t right, you just get a slap on the wrist.

They want you to go back and do it again and again and then they can make you do it over and over again.

You get nothing done.

It is not fair.

It was a slap in the face.

Now I feel terrible.

I feel like they were trying to put pressure on me.

JENTZ was told the surgery was “standard” by a plastic surgeon.

She says she went to the hospital where she says she underwent the procedure and was told that was standard practice.

Jentzz was told by the hospital that there was no standard procedure, and she was asked to go through the entire procedure.

The hospital then said that there were several procedures that could have been performed at the clinic.

Jenz says that her nose was removed after the surgery and then another surgery was performed on her nose.JENZ: They were trying everything to make me feel bad, to put me in a bad mood.

So I was in pain.

I was really in pain, I was crying a lot.

They told me, “If you cry enough, you are going to cry harder, and if you cry harder you are not going to be able to have the surgery,” and that was it.

And then they took my ear out and cut it open.

I have a black ear, I’m really not used to black, and I’m just crying, and it was just horrible.

It hurt.

And they put my ear back in and it is fine now.

The surgery was so invasive, and the procedure was so dangerous that I was so scared, and my mother had to take me to the emergency room and call 911.

JENZ was taken to a hospital emergency room, where she was given morphine and given painkillers and told that she would be given morphine in a couple of days.

She was told she would need to stay for about six to eight weeks, and that she needed to stay overnight in the hospital for two weeks.

JETZ: The next day I woke up and I was at the hospital, and this guy is telling me that I have to stay the night, and he says, “You’re going to stay in the emergency department for two days.”

And I was like, “What?”

He said, and then he gave me a morphine shot.

And the next day, I woke my mom up and she called 911.

I don’t know if she was really scared or if she thought I was going to get shot, and so I said, ‘Hey, mom, I’ll get out of here.

I can’t stay in here.’

So they took me to a local hospital, but the hospital was closed.

And so I went to another hospital and I came back to this ER, and at the ER they gave me morphine, and when I got home I was on morphine and I couldn’t breathe.

So my mom came home and she said, “‘I need help,’

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