What it’s like to have your surgery at home: A look at the weekend

A lot of surgery can be done in your home, even if it’s a big operation like a breast or knee replacement.

But some procedures can’t be done at home.

Here are some of the more common types of surgery done at the local hospital.


Surgery to repair the knee jointA common surgery that’s done at a local hospital, usually after a major surgery, is a knee replacement that includes a surgical procedure called a reconstruction.

In this case, the knee is reconstructed to allow the patient to walk again.

It can take anywhere from six to 10 months to fully heal, depending on the type of knee.

The surgery usually involves putting a brace on the knee and then walking with the brace on, which is called a prosthetic.

The prosthetic is attached to the knee by a prosthesis.

The knee is then bent and the prosthetic inserted in place of the original knee.

When you walk, your muscles on the outside of your knee move.

If you have an infection on the outer part of the knee, the surgeon can attach a stent to help prevent the infection.

If the knee cannot be reconstructed to fully recover, a second operation can be performed to repair a new knee.


Surgery for a hip replacementA hip replacement surgery is done by placing a brace over the hip.

The brace attaches to the femur bone and allows the hip to move with the rest of the body.

If it cannot be fully reconstructed to completely recover, the hip is put back on.

The hip is then put back in a brace.


Surgery of the spineWhen a vertebra is damaged in a hip surgery, a surgeon uses a titanium plate to repair it.

The plate is attached by screws to the back of the vertebra, and the vertebras are then placed back in place.

It takes several weeks for the vertebral artery to be completely healed, which takes time and can take up to six months to completely heal.

The procedure can take around four months to recover.


Surgery on the hip jointIf the hip bone is damaged or there is a structural defect in the hip, a surgery called a hip repair is performed.

This is a major operation, which involves using a titanium rod to fix a problem in the joint.

The rod is attached with screws and the patient stands in front of a laser that creates a hole in the bone to allow a titanium implant to be implanted in the site.

Once the implant is in place, the rod is removed and the joint is placed back on the bone.

The implant can last up to three years.


Surgery over a knee jointIf a patient has surgery to repair an ankle or knee, this surgery can take three months or longer to fully repair.

In some cases, a patient can have a hip implant placed on his knee after just one day.

If there is an infection in the knee ligaments, the patient can go home and wait for the infection to go away.

After that, a hip joint replacement surgery can begin.

If a hip bone was injured, the doctor may put a brace around the ankle or leg to support it while it heals.

The ankle or foot can be put back into place.


Surgery in the armpit If a person has a problem with a hip, they can have surgery in the inner thigh, which can take about two months to heal.

If they have an armpi problem, they may have surgery to put a band around the knee to strengthen it, but this is a risky procedure because there is no guarantee that the band will help prevent further damage.

If no knee or ankle problem is present, the procedure can be repeated.


Surgery with a prosthetistIf a person needs to have a procedure done in the hospital, the surgery can usually be done by a medical specialist or orthopedist.

Most of the time, the operation is performed by a surgeon at the hospital who is a specialist in orthopedics.

This type of surgery is usually done with a local orthopedic specialist who is experienced in the treatment of a specific injury.

This surgeon may use the same type of equipment that is used for surgery.

The surgeon then inserts a brace and a prosthetics to allow normal movement of the joint and help keep the body healthy.

Some patients with knee and ankle problems may require additional surgery to correct the problem.

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