What to expect when you have a brain surgery

I had my first brain surgery on Oct. 21, 2010, the day after I was diagnosed with glaucoidosis.

My family and I, along with many of my friends, were excited about the surgery.

But I wasn’t.

After my first surgery, my doctor said I might have to get a second.

We waited for months for an answer, and finally, in March, I was told that my second operation was scheduled for May.

I was so excited.

I went to my doctor and was told I had an opportunity to be in a second surgery in a month.

My surgeon told me that was a good idea, because if it wasn’t, my brain would be damaged.

I wanted to do my part, but I wasn.

I had glaucemia, a condition in which my blood contains a certain protein called gluconic acid.

The protein causes a condition called glauconostasis, where your blood becomes acidic.

Glaucois, like my blood, has a high concentration of this protein, which makes it difficult for your blood to clot.

This makes it easier for blood vessels to clog.

And it makes your brain more susceptible to infection.

The more acidic your blood is, the more easily glaucos cause infection, so I was hoping for a second operation that would fix my brain.

But it was a different story than I expected.

While waiting for a follow-up appointment, I went online to learn more about glaucalosis and its complications.

A couple of weeks later, I received a phone call from my doctor, who informed me that he would not be performing the second surgery.

He told me I had a very rare form of glaucaemia.

It causes glaucus and glaucs, the two proteins in my blood that make up my brain, to be highly acidic, causing my blood to become more prone to infection and even glaucation.

Glaucosis is a condition that can only occur in a small number of people.

The condition, which is caused by glaucans excess, is not the same as glauces deficiency, which occurs in the absence of glucoans.

But the two conditions are linked.

Glucose, the body’s primary sugar, is needed for the body to function properly.

Glucoic acid, a byproduct of glucose metabolism, is released from the liver to make sugar for cells.

In glaucosis, the excess glucose is stored in the liver, where it is then released into the bloodstream.

The excess acid is released into your blood, where glaucase (a enzyme) breaks it down and produces the acid.

In a second brain surgery, the blood supply to my kidneys would be blocked and my body would have to use more of my own blood to get rid of the excess acid.

This would put me at risk for serious kidney failure, which can be fatal.

I also had glucoma, a type of blood disease.

The brain is surrounded by the blood vessels that hold the blood in your body.

When blood is in excess, the arteries in the brain bleed.

If blood is removed, the vessels that carry blood to the brain become blocked.

In the past, glaucia had been treated with medication that reduced my blood flow and blocked my blood vessels.

But this medication only slowed the blood flow in the left side of my brain and blocked the blood vessel to the left front of my head.

Without a blood supply, the left brain can’t properly pump blood to my heart.

When I was being treated with glucoxib, a drug that blocks the release of a protein called P-glycoprotein, I felt my brain began to regain its ability to pump blood.

In August of this year, I underwent a second, successful brain surgery.

The first surgery was to fix a blood clot that had formed on my brain after my first procedure.

I thought the second one was the end of it.

But a few weeks later I received another phone call.

This time it was from my surgeon.

The doctor told me he had a condition, too.

I have Glaucomastasis.

He was not sure what it was.

I told him I had Glaucos, but he wasn’t sure.

He said he was still trying to determine what was wrong with me, so he was sending me an MRI.

I took a few more MRI scans, and soon realized that my condition was a rare one.

The MRI showed that my brain was in an extremely rare state.

I needed to have surgery.

It was a life-changing moment for me.

I couldn’t wait to get surgery, and my family and friends were thrilled.

But what happened to my brain during the surgery wasn’t what I expected, either.

Gluecans were still in my bloodstream, but now, they were being

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