When you have a fistula, the world is watching

When a fistulae occurs, it is the result of a surgical intervention to remove the large intestine that often leads to death.

But a new surgery is trying to reverse the consequences, with the hope of saving lives.

The surgery was performed by a team at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the results are set to be published in a major medical journal later this month.

The procedure was performed to fix a fistule in a patient who had undergone surgery to remove his or her large intestine.

The patient had suffered a major stroke and had a very difficult time breathing.

The team first looked into whether a new surgical technique could save the patient.

The answer was yes.

The patient is now in a medically stable state and his recovery is fast, said Dr. Anupam Sengupta, a neurologist who performed the surgery.

The new surgery was originally planned to be done on a patient in his 80s, but the patient had become increasingly weak and could not breathe.

The team decided to wait to see if the surgery could be performed on a younger patient in order to avoid unnecessary risks, Senguptas told CNN.

Sengupta said the patient’s surgery was “just one step in the long road of curing the condition.”

“The problem is that it can take years for this condition to be cured,” he said.

The surgeons hope the new procedure will be a breakthrough in medicine, saving lives in the process.

Dr. Anurag Sharma, a surgeon who performed an operation on a similar patient in India, told CNN the new technique was very difficult to perform.

“This is not the same technique that we used for our patients,” he told CNN, referring to the American technique.

“The patient was so weak and he could not breath that the surgeon had to make a lot of incisions to reach the patient,” Sharma said.

“In fact, he had to go down a corridor, because of the size of the incision, to reach him.”

In India, the technique is not yet widely used, but Sharma said the surgery was an important step.

“There is a lot more waiting for this surgery in India than in the United States,” he added.

The surgeon said the procedure was so successful that his team will likely go back to the U.S. to perform it.

“It’s very important to keep this up because of all the patients who are dying because of this condition,” he noted.

Sakshi said the new surgery will be done only in small cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

He said the U,S.

will have to start getting a better grasp on the condition.

“In the United Kingdom, it has already been proved that we can save a patient’s life,” he remarked.

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