The New York Times

on facial hair removal: Is there a better option than forehead reduction?

article By MICHAEL SORIANOThe New York Time on Monday published a lengthy article on forehead reduction, an effective and cheap alternative to scalp hair removal, as an alternative to the more expensive and more invasive hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal or Botox injections.

The article, which ran under the title “How to cut your head without shaving your face,” is one of the first to use the term “cut” to describe the technique, according to the Times.

The Times article, titled “Cut Your Head without Shaving Your Face,” goes on to explain that while the treatment is often referred to as “troubleshooting,” it is actually “a very effective procedure for many people, especially those with facial hair.”

The article also describes some of the problems with the treatment, such how the procedure can lead to “scarring” of the scalp and the “pain and discomfort” that comes with facial removal.

In addition to the article’s description of the procedure, the article also includes a photo of an unnamed woman whose forehead had been cut and included an explanation of why she went through the procedure.

The article does not specifically say why the woman went through it.

The Times also did not provide a photo for the article.

The procedure is also very different from scalp hair treatment, which is often performed by a dermatologist.

It is typically performed to relieve a condition called psoriasis.

It is not known if the procedure will be available on the U.S. market. “

But that’s not going to solve the problem, and the best thing is to be able to get treatment for it.”

It is not known if the procedure will be available on the U.S. market.

The procedure, which involves shaving the forehead and removing facial hair from the back of the head, is commonly performed by surgeons and dermatologists, and is the most commonly performed form of facial hair reduction.

But some dermatologists who have treated people with psoriatic arthritis, a disorder that can cause facial hair to grow, have raised concerns about the procedure because of the risks of scarring and infection.

“I am concerned that people who have psoriac arthritis, because they have had a cut in the forehead, that they could be exposed to bacteria, that could lead to scarring,” said Dr, Charles C. H. Kupfer, who has practiced medicine in Florida since 1979 and was an orthopedic surgeon in the United States before that.

“I don’t want people getting treated with this because it’s effective and they don’t know that.”

The procedure can cause a small cut to occur on the skin of the forehead or on the scalp, but usually not more than a few millimeters.

The cut can also heal on its own and be healed with facial or body products.

While the procedure is not widely known, the procedure has been described as “the new haircut” in the online community of the Hairdresser magazine, which has more than 4 million subscribers.

The magazine has also published a number of articles in recent months about the treatment.

In the latest article, the Hairdressinger blog published an article by Dr. Hilario that explained why the procedure was more effective than other treatments for psoriac arthritis.

“For psoriatrists, there are two main areas where we have some concern: 1) The long-term effects of the treatment on the patient’s quality of life, and 2) the risks for scarring from the treatment itself,” Dr. C.H. Kipfer said.

“We have done some research that indicates the risk of scarredness is probably not significant, but it could be an issue for some people who are going to have some problems with scarring.”

So I am concerned about the long-run effect of the therapy on the quality of a patient’s life.

“The publication of the article on the HairDressinger website, by Dr Hilarios research and clinical practice group, also raised questions about the effectiveness of the technique.

Dr. C H.

Kipfer, the editor-in-chief of Hairdressers, said the publication of this article did not change his view on the effectiveness and risks of the cut, or what he considered the procedure’s drawbacks.

The hair removal method can be very invasive, Dr. Kapfer said, and patients may not know that they are getting rid of their facial hair, and some of those people may experience the scarring caused by the procedure itself.”

If people don’t get a referral for the procedure and they think they have been cleared to do this, they might be putting themselves at risk, so that’s something that we’re really concerned about,” he said.

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